DJ.2RNG.T3STS (AlgoRhythms)

Bregman Labs, Dartmouth College, 2016

Test Data: 260 Dance Music Tracks + librosa Features

The tracks in this collection are sourced from the free collection at

Download All Test Data and Features (5.8GB)

Data and Features Archive Contents

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260 test data tracks. Stereo, 44.1kHz, MP3 format. Canonical names, lexicographic ordering.

tracks directory



Pre-extracted in the "feature" directory are space-delimited floating-point ASCII matrices: beat_synchronus: one beat-synchronus vector per line non-beat-synchronus: 512-sample hop frames @ 22050Hz sample rate, one vector per line one vector per line:

features directory

    track000.genre - genre ID3 tag string
    track000.id3 - id3 tags, one per line: Filename, Artist, Comment, Genre, GenreID, Album, Track, Year, SampleFrequency, BitRate, CorruptFrames, Copyrighted, Seconds
    track000.tempo            - 0d estimated global tempo in beats per minute (float)
    track000.beat_frames      - 1d sample positions of beats @ 22050Hz sample rate, one beat per line
    track000.beat_secs        - 1d times of beats in seconds, one beat per line
    track000.chroma           - 12d chroma (non-beat-synchronus) 
    track000.beat_chroma      - 12d chroma (beat-synchronus)
    track000.mfcc             - 20d mfcc coefficients (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.mfcc_delta       - 20d mfcc delta coefficients (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_mfcc        - 40d mfcc+delta coefficients (beat-synchronus)
    track000.melspec          - 128d mel-frequency magnitude spectrum (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_melspec     - 128d mel-frequency magnitude spectrum (beat-synchronus)
    track000.rmse             - 1d RMS energy per frame (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_rmse        - 1d RMS energy per beat (beat-synchronus)
    track000.centroid         - 1d spectral centroid (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_centroid    - 1d spectral centroid (beat-synchronus)
    track000.specbw           - 1d spectral bandwidth (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_specbw      - 1d spectral bandwidth (beat-synchronus)
    track000.contrast         - 7d spectral contrast (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_contrast    - 7d spectral contrast (beat-synchronus)
    track000.rolloff          - 1d spectral rolloff (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_rolloff     - 1d spectral rolloff (beat-synchronus)
    track000.tonnetz          - 6d tonnetz (non-beat-synchronus)
    track000.beat_tonnetz     - 6d tonnetz (beat-synchronus)
    track001.genre            - same as above
    track001.id3              - same as above
    track001.tempo            - same as above
    track001.beat_frames      - same as above
    track999.tonnetz          - same as above
    track999.beat_tonnetz     - same as above


A seed track and features for initialization of an algorithm:

seed directory

    seed.mp3              - seed mp3 track
    seed.tempo            - 0d estimated global tempo in beats per minute (float)
    seed.beat_frames      - 1d sample positions of beats @ 22050Hz sample rate, one beat per line
    seed.beat_secs        - 1d times of beats in seconds, one beat per line
    seed.chroma           - 12d chroma (non-beat-synchronus) 
    seed.beat_chroma      - 12d chroma (beat-synchronus)
    seed.mfcc             - 20d mfcc coefficients (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.mfcc_delta       - 20d mfcc delta coefficients (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_mfcc        - 40d mfcc+delta coefficients (beat-synchronus)
    seed.melspec          - 128d mel-frequency magnitude spectrum (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_melspec     - 128d mel-frequency magnitude spectrum (beat-synchronus)
    seed.rmse             - 1d RMS energy per frame (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_rmse        - 1d RMS energy per beat (beat-synchronus)
    seed.centroid         - 1d spectral centroid (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_centroid    - 1d spectral centroid (beat-synchronus)
    seed.specbw           - 1d spectral bandwidth (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_specbw      - 1d spectral bandwidth (beat-synchronus)
    seed.contrast         - 7d spectral contrast (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_contrast    - 7d spectral contrast (beat-synchronus)
    seed.rolloff          - 1d spectral rolloff (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_rolloff     - 1d spectral rolloff (beat-synchronus)
    seed.tonnetz          - 6d tonnetz (non-beat-synchronus)
    seed.beat_tonnetz     - 6d tonnetz (beat-synchronus)

The DJ.2RNG.T3STS (AlgoRhythms) Team