Programming for Interactive Audio-Visual Arts
CS 2, Winter 2016


This page will be updated daily to weekly with current and upcoming topics. Notes will be provided for each class, linked from the date; feedback and additional examples (yours or things you find) are appreciated. Chapter references, when available, are to the course textbook, Learning Processing.

M Jan 4Introductionintro; ch. 2sa1-
W Jan 6Basic drawingch. 1sa2sa1
T Jan 7 XVariationch. 3sa3sa2
F Jan 8Statech. 4sa4sa3
M Jan 11Responding conditionallych. 5.1-5.7hw1sa4
W Jan 13More of the above-sa5-
T Jan 14 XSound and Music I---
F Jan 15Basic motion-sa6sa5
M Jan 18--- Cancelled --- MLK day---
W Jan 20Iterationch. 6sa7sa6
T Jan 21 XSound and Music I 7--
F Jan 22Functions and transformationsch. 8hw2hw1
M Jan 25Moving objectsch. 5.8sa8sa7
W Jan 27Pseudo-physicsch. 5.8--
T Jan 28 XMultiple objectsch. 9sa9sa8
F Jan 29Midterm Review and Intro. to Projects--hw2
M Feb 1Midterm2011 | 2009 | 2009 solution | 2008--
W Feb 3Particle systems-sa10, hw3Midterm
T Feb 4 XNO CLASS---
F Feb 5 Spring systems--sa9
M Feb 8Imagesch. 15.1-15.4sa11sa10
W Feb 10Pixels-sa12sa11
T Feb 11 XPROJECTS and Case Studych. 10--
F Feb 12Cancelled: Winter Carnaval---
M Feb 15Image processingch. 15.5-15.10-sa12
W Feb 17Design-hw4-
T Feb 18 XSound and Music IIIMinim docs, Beads tutorial--
F Feb 19Webcamch. 16.1, 16.2, 16.4sa14hw3
M Feb 22Video processingch. 16.5-16.8proj-
W Feb 24Recursion--sa14
T Feb 25 XSound and Music IV---
F Feb 26Project Workshop 1--hw4
M Feb 29Project Workshop 2--proj
W Mar 2 Project Presentations--proj
T Mar 3 XProject Presentations--proj
F Mar 4Project Presentations--proj
M Mar 7Project Presentations--proj