MUS 14.02 / 103 Datascapes (16W, 2A)
Objective and Subjective Cinematic Interpretations of Data

Also offered in 16W as: COSC89, and COSC189 (by permission of Prof. Casey)

Professor Michael Casey, Department of Music, Department of Computer Science
Professor Carlos Casas, Visiting Professor of Music, Filmmaker, Paris, Fr.


This course explores creative approaches to scientific data to enhance processes of both scientific discovery and creative inspiration. Working in artist-scientist teams, students will visually and sonically explore data, such as: Earth climate and environment; population and society; global financial markets; cells, genes, and neuroimaging; and astrophysics data. Drawing on techniques of sonic art, visual art, design, and cinema, each topic will be supported by weekly mentoring by visiting artists and scientists. Learning outcomes include programming for data analytics; design and visualization; composition and sonification; and cinematic methods.

Prereq: CS1, CS2 and CS10 highly recommended, CS2 offered in 2-hour in 16W

Offered: 2A, Tue-Thu 14-15:50; x-hour Wed 4:15-5:20


Short assignments (weeks 1-5): 25%
Class participation / presentation: 25%
Project assignments (weeks 6-10): 25%
Final project presentation and documentation: 25%

Draft Syllabus [subject to change until January 4th, 2016]