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Northeast Music Informatics Special Interest Group
(NEMISIG) 2012

NEMISIG '12 @ Dartmouth College, Friday-Saturday January 27th-28th

The NEMISIG (North East Music Informatics Special Interest Group) meeting is a regional forum that promotes new conversation and encourages future collaborative efforts for mutually interested music information researchers. Previous NEMISIG meetings have been held at Columbia University (2008), New York University (2010), and Drexel University (2011).

The Neukom Institute for Computational Science and the members of the Bregman Music and Auditory Research Studio at Dartmouth College are pleased to host NEMISIG in January 2012. The meeting will take place on the college campus for a full day on January 27 and a half day on January 28.

Note: If you haven't joined the NEMISIG Google group please do so by clicking here.

New This Year

A few things have changed since the last NEMISIG:

The basic logistics are outlined below. Note that you must RSVP for the event by 11:59 PM EST Thursday, January 12. Please answer as many of the questions on the RSVP page that you can.

Kind regards, the Dartmouth Digital Musics group.

Travel/Accommodation Grants and Capacity

Dartmouth College has limited capacity and we are therefore required to fix the maximum number of attendees. Due to generous support by the Neukom Institute for Computational Science we will provide travel/accommodation grants in the form of fixed honoraria to every regional NEMISIG attendee while space lasts. In order to receive a grant, you must RSVP on our registration form by 11:59 PM EST Thursday, January 12. Please note that this is also the last date that the participating hotels will honor the block booking rates. We will honor RSVPs and honoraria subject to the following guidelines:

  • A "regional" attendee lives more than 50 miles from the Dartmouth campus and lives in the North East US or Eastern Canada.
  • Non-regional attendees will not receive honoraria but may attend the meeting. They are also required to RSVP on our registration site.
  • Priority will be given to institution diversity, i.e. RSVPs will be allocated in a round robin manner to attendees from different institutes.
  • Priority will be given to students over PIs and non-academic institutes, respectively.
  • We cannot guarantee an honorarium or reservation if registration is made after the deadline.
  • An attendee must attend the entire NEMISIG program (1.5 days) to be eligible for a grant.
  • In order to process honoraria, we will need to collect further information (social security # for U.S. citizens and legal address) from attendees at NEMISIG. Checks will be mailed a few weeks after the meeting. Attendees are therefore required to pay all expenses up front.
  • Honoraria will be distributed in the fixed amount of $300.00. If any attendee requires additional financial support, they may contact us directly at the following email address with a detailed description of why additional aid is necessary:
    Requests will be handled as best we can and on a case-by-case basis.

  • Schedule

    Discussion Topics

    Forthcoming. Please make suggestions in the RSVP!

    Friday Evening Music

    We have planned an informal music jam/open-mic on Friday evening after dinner. Feel free to bring any instruments, electronics, or other sound-producing performance support that you would like to use. Our plans include both individual/small-group performances as well as a larger group improvisation.

    Travel to Hanover

    Google Map of Dartmouth College

    By train:
    Amtrak Vermonter - The Vermonter travels daily between Philadelphia, PA and northern Vermont, with stops in NYC and nearby White River Junction (approx. 4 miles from Hanover). If traveling from the north, you can pick up the train in Burlington, VT.

    By bus:
    Dartmouth Coach Boston Service
    Dartmouth Coach New York Service *Please note that the Dartmouth Coach only sends one bus to New York early on Saturday morning (6:15am). Guests from the NYC area are encouraged to return via air (see below) or bus from Boston.

    By air:
    Lebanon Municipal Airport is less than 5 miles from campus. Cape Air has a few daily flights from Westchester to Lebanon airport. The price of the flight usually includes shuttle service to NYC. Here is a list of regional airports that service the Hanover area.

    By car:
    We are approximately 5 hours from New York City, 3.5 hours from Montreal, 2.5 hours from Boston, and 1.5 hours from Burlington, VT.

    Local Transportation:
    Advance Transit Bus Services offer free bus service from the Lebanon regional airport and the Upper Valley/Dartmouth area.
    Big Yellow Taxi: (802) 281-8294
    P&P's Twin State Taxi: (802) 295-7878


    We recommend that attendees plan on arriving in Hanover by Thursday evening, 1/26/12 and staying for two nights. The following hotels (near Hanover) have provided block (discount) rates for double occupancy rooms. Note: The discount rates are only available for bookings made by January 12, 2012.
    Residence-Inn Hanover/Lebanon Courtyard Hanover/Lebanon